Homeport (Port D’Attache)

Director: Anne Deluz, Screenplay: Brigitte Leclef, Stéphane Mitchel, Christophe Marzal, Nicole Castioni, Flavien Rochette, After an Original idea by Nicole Castioni, Copyrights: RTS Radio Télévision Suisse Production: Point Prod, Country: Switzerland, Language: French, 6 x 54’/ 12 x 26, 2012, Rights:  USA

The appearance of a luxury clinic on the beach causes turmoil in a quiet little fishing village on the shores of Lake Geneva. Three families get entangled in a struggle which will forever transform the nature of their relationships. With the help of her husband, fisherman Jean-Paul Chappuis, Juliette Chappuis fights for the protection of the beach; Christian Vaillant, a childhood friend of the Chappuises and mayor of the village of Tally, sees this project as a great development opportunity for his community.

The shores of Lake Geneva are dear to Juliette Chappuis, a courageous mother who decided to get involved in politics to save her beach. Homeport invites viewers to discover the tumultuous adventures of this small lakeside village whose tranquillity is suddenly called into question by the project of a high-end clinic.
Three families are then plunged into a struggle that will forever transform the nature of their ties. Between childhood friendships and economic interests, urban development and heritage protection, individual and community, memory and future, immobility and action, it is not easy to stay the course! The heroine of the series chooses to act against all odds, even if it means upsetting the balance of the village…
Through the fight led by Juliette and her family, Homeport explores both the tools of direct democracy and our history, through the resonances of our past on our present. A family saga that calls out for its political and civic dimension