Hotel Almirante

Director: Antonio Cuadri, Writer: Marta Rivera de la Cruz, Production Company: Formato Producciones, Spain, 2015 Spanish/Galician, 4×45′, Rights: World (except Spain)

Hotel Almirante is a drama set in Galicia, Spain in the 1950s. Shot on location in stunning Galicia which gives an amazing atmosphere to this love triangle drama, about love, betrayal, and passion. Hotel Almirante is based on the novel of the same name by Marta Rivera de la Cruz.

Hotel Almirante is about Cristina Sanjuan a young woman from Madrid, who decides to commit suicide in room 207 at Hotel Almirante, in the fictitious Ribanova. The girl had never been to the city before, nobody knew her, and nobody knew why she committed suicide.
She didn’t leave any letter or clue in the room, instead, she sent a letter to the local newspaper explaining the reasons why she took her own life. Cristina had her own reasons to select the scene of his death and the truth is that this could not happen otherwise.

Hotel Almirante recreates an exciting and heart-rending love story, as the hotel’s history unfolds, from its founding in the second decade of the 20th century to the post-war years.

Hotel Almirante immerses viewers in a classic romantic drama with a twist. Set in a time when Spanish people had little freedom under the ever-watching eye of the Civil Guard and the Franco dictatorship. In such circumstances, the protagonists of the story find solace in their family, love, and their hope for a better future.


Ana Turpin, Fernando Tato, Rosalía Castro, Xoque Carbajal e Mariana Expósito