Directors: Johnny Neal & Chris Josty, Producers: Johnny Neal & Chris Josty, Writers: Johnny Neal & Chris Josty, Story: Johnny Neal, Chris Josty & Caroline Neal Copyright: Eleven Five Productions, Language: English, UK, 12x 15-20′, 2020, Rights: World

A social media post by a motivational influencer goes viral when it asks people in self-isolation and quarantine to use a brand new, purpose-built chat room to connect with others who are struggling in this unique period of modern history.

We follow a group of individuals, all affected in different ways by the 2020 lockdown, who are also struggling with a wide variety of personal issues in this time. Through new connections and friendships, we see these individuals grow and change with one another’s help.

Creators Statement:

Humanity is an introspective look, not only at how a variety of people have been dealing with the 2020 lockdown but also at how people interact online and how although the online world can be a negative place, it has the potential for positive growth. Our aim with this series was to show as wide a representation of people as possible by including members of the LGBTQ+ community, POC characters and storylines that encompass a range of topics including, racism, mental health, body dysmorphia, endometriosis and more.

Creating the show in Lockdown was no mean feat however for the show to work we felt that it had to be as true a representation of what we as creators and other members of society were experiencing, we were fortunate to find the right software and a talented cast to bring our stories to life.
“Humanity” for us isn’t just another show, it is a look into the lives of some unique individuals who in their own ways help each other to grow and deal with what is arguably one of the most challenging times we have faced in recent history.
The Charity Endometriosis UK is supporting this project as it depicts the realities of living with Endometriosis taken from first-hand accounts of people who are suffering from it.


Joe: Johnny Neal
Billie: Martha Niklas
Sandra: Shirley E. Mason
Mel: Sophie Montague
James: Jon Xue Zhang
David: Jamie Barnard
Max: Jack Forsyth-Noble
Heather: Amy Rowlands
Lizzie: Sophoulla Gibson
Sam: Chris Josty
Toby: Chris Sansom
Claire: Amelia Whitrod
Alex: Cara Kiri
Derek: Kevin Wallace
Jay: Antonia Tootill
Roger: Lance Neilson
Mike: David Omordia