HUNTING AND TECHNOLOGY (Caccia e Tecnologia)

Directed by: Andrea Cavaglià, produced by: Andrea Cavaglià, Copyright: Andrea Cavaglià, Italy, 2022, 6×22′ Rights: World

Andrea Cavaglià is a mountain hunting enthusiast who combines his love for filmmaking and the great outdoors in this informative hunting series, he has made other hunting titles we represent such as Be Wild and Mountain Hunters.

This series is all about the technology a hunter needs. The first episode deal with the subject of the “Thermal Revolution”, followed by an episode on the sensitive and controversial subject of “Night containment” culls of pests such as badgers, another episode focuses on “Technology for the Mountains” in the stunning Italian alps where the hunt is for Chamois and dear and roe deer. The following episode is about hunting from dawn to dusk set in the extremely biodiverse Apennines of Urbino, and the  5th episode is on the hunting rifle. The 6th and final episode is set at the end of the Alpine winter.