Husha Be (Shwshaswyn)

Director: Huw Maredudd, Writer: Nia Jewell, Executive Producer: Dylan Huws, Production: Cwmni Da, UK, 26×7′ 2018, Rights: World excl. Welsh Speaking UK

An S4C preschool animation series that introduces children to the basic principles of mindfulness. Step into the beautiful textile inspired world where the three characters Fluff, Twinkle and The Captain,  invite children to escape the busyness of their world.

Fluff, is often transfixed by his findings. This cloud-shaped taggie blanket finds wonder in all that hover, flies, flutters or flaps.

Twinkle, a playful, contrary little peg doll, Twinkle delights in all things aesthetic. Scattering glittery dust as she flies. Twinkle uses her magic want to lift and plat with her chosen objects.

and finally, The Captain, wise and knowledgable though a little mischievous, this curious knitted fisherman observes all things to do with water.

Husha Be inhabits places that the child can relate to such as the home, the playground and the beach. This series can be a tool for parents and carers to help their children to develop self-esteem and relate to others, through mindfulness.

The concept of this mood enhancing series is through the use of beautiful, textile-like world with charming characters aid children to incorporate much-needed pauses into their busy everyday lives.

The Narrator is playful, can be impatient and often gets a little over-excited. Offering humorous quips and comedic misunderstanding. He follows the three little friends. Observing everyday objects in their own special way.

All characters have a special way to create mindfulness.

Listening Bell: When we hear the Captain’s bell we focus on the sound and only that sound. Listen until the sound fades away completely.

Breathing: See how Fluff inflates and deflates as he breathes. Notice how our bellies fill with air, hold that air and slowly let it out. Just like Fluff.

Mind Jar: Twinkle’s dress becomes a swirling ‘snow globe’ of stars that spin wildly. Calmly we watch the sparkling shapes fall until the glitter, and our minds, are settled.

Why now?

The series has been developed together with the School of mindfulness. There is much evidence to prove that short pauses can calm the mind, and the act of being ‘present’ for a time can directly contribute towards maintaining a child’s mental health. Husha Be permeates young minds in a positive way to help develop self-esteem and the ability to relate to others. Husha Be also inspires guardians to incorporate these essentials pauses in their child’s busy schedules, setting up good practice for years to come and nurturing emotional intelligence.