I am who I am (Ni Naiz Naizena)

Writer/Director/Producer: Izaskun Arandia, Production: IZAR Films, with the support of GEHITU and Mugen Gainetik, Language: Basque, Spain, 10 x 10′ to 15′, 2021, Rights: World

Ni Naiz Naizena is a documentary short-form series about the experiences of 10 trans people. This exhibition consists of some of the photographs taken by the photographers Eduardo Gaviña (Yogurinha Borova) and Nere Falagan during the filming of the Ni Naiz Naizena web series. It also features the 10 audiovisual pieces that make up the series.

Each episode contains personal archive photographs and video, interviews and photographs taken of our protagonists by the photographers Eduardo Gaviña (Yogurinha Borova) and Nere Falagan.

Directors statement

“I wanted the public to learn about the different trans experiences and cis people like myself to realize how privileged we are. To give trans people a platform to express themselves and tell the world their experiences.”


Víctor Viruta
Aitzole Araneta
Graham Bell Tornado
Alice Díaz
Fergie Barahona
Eder Iturralde
Víctor Alvarado
Kimberly Zambrano
Mary Reno
Josebe Iturrioz