Director: Tina Pasotra, Producer: Alice Lusher, Production: ie ie Productions, Language: English, Wales/UK, 11′, 2020, Rights: World 

A story of empowerment and resilience. Longing for a life of choice, Rupi sacrifices all that she has ever known and journeys to Wales with her two young daughters.

 Tina Pasotra’s debut narrative short, co-written with producer Alice Lusher and shot by Adam Scarth (Apostasy, Mari, Top Boy) stars Yasmin Kaur Barn (Shakespeare & Hathaway: Private Investigators, Man Like Mobeen, Recon) as Rupi, a young woman who sacrifices all that she has ever known to start a new life in Wales with her two young daughters. Also featuring Claire CageAmanda Shodeko and Ravneet Sehra and introducing Rhia and Ravina Kaur Taak as Rupi’s daughters.

I CHOOSE was produced through film Cymru Wales and BFI NETWORK’s Beacons scheme in association with BBC Cymru Wales and ie ie productions.

 Director’s Statement
I’m deeply inspired by the strength and persistence of women, particularly ‘those of us who stand outside the circle of this society’s definition of acceptable women.’ (Lorde, 1984) I have encountered many stories from women who – despite facing adversity – show extraordinary resilience. This film explores and admires that strength. Rupi’s desire for a life of choice and the opportunity to experience what the world has to offer her and her two young daughters is what drives her to leave all that she has ever known – her marriage, family, community and the job she loved – for a perceived life of freedom and choice