I Feel So Much (Eu Sinto Muito)

Director: Cristiano Vieira, Producer: Bruna Sousa, Production: STUD10, Brazil, 4 x 30′, 2021, Rights: World 

Eu Sinto Muito literally translates to “I am so sorry” and the series deals with Isabelle, Guilherme and Marta who face intense emotions that sabotage their lives and their romantic relationships.

Júlio played by Rocco Pitanga (Once Upon a Time) is trying to shoot a documentary about people who suffer from Borderline Personality Disorder, but he has found it difficult to find anyone who is willing to talk about the subject and expose themselves, on the big screen. One of his targets is Isabelle (Juliana Schalch), a young woman who loves to dance and have fun at parties in order to alleviate the loneliness and social difficulties resulting from the disorder.

Also available as a feature film.

Cast: Juliana Schalch, Rocco Pitanga, Carolina Monte Rosa