In the name of the people (En el nobre del pueblo)

Director: Lucas Combina, Producer: Paola Suarez, Production: Jaque Productions, Germina Films, Signal Colombia, and Mario Riorda, with support from Amen Montevideo and FM Producores, Copyright: Jaque Productions and Mario Riorda, Argentina/Colombia, 6×48′, 4K, 2018, Rights: Europe, Asia and Africa.

In the name of the people after an idea by and featuring Mario Riorda is a snapshot of the situation on the street of Latin America. It took more than two years to make and is shot in 10 countries throughout the continent. The crew travelled 60,000 km shooting the reality in the favelas of Brazil to the Bolivian El Alto.

In the Name of the People is a tour through the social and cultural transformations of Latin America in the 21st century. Through this journey of Latin America – we get to know its people, their culture and struggles with political communication and people as the main protagonist of this social transformation.

Through the six episodes, 10 countries are covered thematically, allowing you to get closer to the culture and idiosyncrasy of each nation, with political communication and the analysis of its experts as its axis. Also, during the series, the people, the citizens, have a leading role through their experiences, their gaze, their passions, their hopes and frustrations.

In the name of the People, present in an innovative travel log format, combining Latin American history, culture and politics with a global approach focused on the social construction of communication and public phenomena that has changed dramatically in the last decade.

Through election campaigns and the communication style of today’s politicians. The series creator and presenter Mario Riorda, a renowned strategy and political advisor for Latin American governments travel with a group of experienced consultants from all over Latin America and Spain. Crossing the continent from Uruguay, through Brazil, Peru, Chile, Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico, Bolivia, and Argentina. Observing how political communication and the people’s voice has greatly changed the political landscape this century. 

“The hypothesis of the series is to demonstrate that political communication has an essential basis, which is the society in which it operates, and therefore also includes the decision to listen to the people.”

Creator, Mario Riorda


TAL Award for the “Best series with a Latin American perspective” 2018.