Director: Laurent King, Writers: Olivier Domerc, Laurent King, Production Company: Resolution – Htag Studios, Copyright holder: Resolution, France, 2018, 6×11′ or 68′, Rights: World

Marko an ex para-trooper turned lorry driver, Guillaume, a small business owner deep in debt and Julie a tormented emergency and accident doctor are drawn against their will into a drug traffic web of unheard nature.

A multiple award-winning short-form drama. Julie (Julie Chevallier) an emergency doctor is drawn against her will into a designers’ drug traffic web. When her father, Samir, guns down her mother before shooting himself, she decides to investigate the mysterious new drug INK, that her dad was addicted to. Marko (Joseph Malerba) is an old friend of Samir, he is burly and lame, wounded in the Lebanese war, he decides to help Julie, who is determined to find those responsible for her father’s violent death.

Guillaume (Guillaume Denaiffe) inherited the family business, a company specialised in refrigerated freight. Spoiled by his parents from an early age, he is sloppy, lazy, spending money and showing off rather than managing the business, leaving his older brother Grégoire to be the man in charge on a daily basis. When the company loses money, he sees a miracle solution in Smith, a mysterious investor. But at what cost?

Smith (Rupert Wynne-James) seemingly respectable, neat and calm, however, there is an unsettling quality about Smith. He is, on one hand, a  corporate attorney and on the other the chief assassin and seems to know everything about everyone, and one can never really measure the extent of his malevolence… until it’s too late. He is the middle man of an invisible drug cartel, to which he only refers as « his employer ».

Before Julie, Marko and Guillaume get to the unfathomable truth, they will have to overcome their own fears and demons.

Winner in Best VFX category at Bilbao Seriesland Festival,  2018

Winner in Best Director and Best Cinematography at International Academy of Web Television Awards, 2018

Nominated for many more full list here