Inspector Max (Inšpektor Max)

Directed by: Jiří Chlumský, Producer: RTVS/Trigon Production, Slovakia, 11×56′, 2017, Rights Remake: World

Inspector Zoltán Max is a quirky Slovakian forensic investigator who follows his own rules, Max has moved to Prague, Czech Republic, where he works for the Police criminal department as a crime scene investigator. However, there seem to be no national borders for criminal cases and Max therefore often visits his native Slovakia where he is forced to face his past. Max is an uncompromising rebel and provocateur who hates authorities and social rules, and who cannot conform to society and the system he lives in. Max finds it difficult to deal with the decline of democracy and people’s passive acceptance of the rule of oligarchs with their roots based in the former political establishment. As everyone else seems to have resigned to the state of affairs, Max is a bit of a dinosaur; an aged ladies’ man, and a rebel at heart. He is at the same time sad and comical, not only due to his sense of self-depreciative humour but also due to his unfulfilled life as a tragic Don Quixote figure – he hasn´t got any soul mate in this world, as the criminals he pursues are his only life-long partners.

Nevertheless, Max gets the opportunity of a lifetime. A personal tragedy opens a new chapter in his life, Max was indirectly responsible for the death of his lover and met after many years his daughter whom he never knew he had. Life has offered him the chance to change from a rebellious Peter Pan to a real grown-up man.