ISABEL: The Intimate Story of Isabel Allende

Director: Rodrigo Bazaes Nieto, Production Company: Megamedia, Country: Chile, Language: Spanish, 2020, 3x broadcast hour, Distribution Availability: UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Hungary, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, and Iceland.

The biographical series ISABEL successfully premiered in the US market on HBO Max, and in Latin America through Amazon Prime and Lifetime, it tells the intimate story of the bestseller author Isabel Allende.

Isabel is at the pinnacle of her career when she receives the devastating news that her daughter is at risk of dying. She abandons everything to be there for her daughter until her tragic premature death months later.

Simultaneously, we witness the struggle, passion, and risks of a woman willing to break all societal norms of her time to pursue her happiness, a woman who must flee her country due to political conflicts, who left everything for love, and who sought refuge in literature to heal her wounds.

“ISABEL like all good biopics, reveals the person behind the legend, humanizing its protagonist and reminding viewers that the path to greatness is never assured and rarely foreseen.”

Cristina Escobar Roger Ebert



Award Nominee Best Miniseries

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