Islanders ( 親密之海 )

Directors: Jiyuan LerPao-Chang Tsai, Producer: Derjk WU, CHEN Shao-yi, YANG Yi-ping,  Production company: Screenworks Asia and Jollify Creative, Country: Taiwan Language: Mandarin Chinese with English subtitles, 7 x 45-55′ 2024, Territories: World (No Asia except for: CIS, Russia, Baltic States, Australia, New Zealand 
Adapted from an award-winning novel, the series portrays contemporary love stories of different generations.

Islanders is a contemporary psychological drama set at a time where Taiwan and the world are under great changes such as social media impact and the rise of China. It taps into modern emotion fluidity and physical mobility. A story spanning the decade from 2000 to 2014 where Taiwan and the whole world are under great change and undergoes events, such as burgeoning social media, the rise of China, and global mass immigration. Islanders is a daring reflection on a socio political momentous turning point in Taiwan’s recent history.

Islanders is a contemporary and sexy look on the modern relationships, love and human connection – Hung,  a successful entrepreneur in his 50s with a business empire across the strait of Taiwan and China, fell head over heels when he met Lilian, a young and energetic photographer that guided him to rediscover life and joy from a younger generation’s perspective. Yet, the fire of love might also turn into the fire of cremation that consumes Hung’s career and success. When Hung faces criticism on social media and loses everything, the way they react tells us how they see the world.

Adapted from the award-winning novel “Islands” (群岛) by Lolita Hu (胡晴舫).


Christopher Lee

Kang- Ren Wu

Rima Zeidan

Tzu-Yu Yu


2022 Domestic TV Program Production Fund from the Ministry of Culture
2021 TV Script Development Fund from the Ministry of Culture