Director: Nicolás Goldbart  Creator: Malena Pichot, Producer:  Writers: Malena Pichot, Martiniano Cardoso, Bárbara García Castro, Sebastian Negri. Production: Tostaki,  World Sales: Murga TV, Country: Argentina, Language: Spanish, 2013, 8×30′, Rights: Ready Made: UK, France, Italy, French-speaking countries, German-speaking countries, Hungary, Bulgaria, Poland, Spain, Scandinavia and ex. Yugoslavia, Remake rights available.

An hilarious comedy from Argentina created by Malena Pichot (Malena Pichot, Estupides Compleja, Netflix). Jorge is a frustrated lawyer, emotionally disabled, lonely, and filled with prejudices. He despises the poor, immigrants, and disabled persons, he has very bigoted views. After the death of his father, whom he barely knew, and the subsequent loss of his girlfriend (ironically at his father’s funeral), he decides to rent out the rooms in the house he inherited to cover his expenses. His first tenants turn out to be – by sheer coincidence – the very people he despises, and he must learn to live with them: a homeless man, an illegal immigrant and a flamboyant fashion designer wins his heart.


Winner of INCAA 2012 competition for series development