Katie’s new life (Ketijas jaunā dzīve)

Director: Uldis Cipsts, Production: Direct Contact Media, 10×40-43′, 2022, Latvia, Commissioned by: Latvian Public TV Go3, Rights: World excluding Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia

A Go3 Original. Broke and lonely young waitress Katie (Klinta Reinhold) dreams about becoming an architect. When she gets invited by Martin a rich and charming man, to an exclusive nightclub together with her friend Sandra, she thinks her life is about to change. But Martin is part of a criminal gang and has singled out Katie as she fits his boss’s needs.

Martin also pays for a beauty makeover against Katie’s doubts, egged on by her friend she accepts.
Katie who manages to fend off Martins’s advances finds a bag with a large sum of money and, succumbing to temptation, takes the money, not realising it was a trap. Two of Martins’s gangsters are chasing her, during her escape in a taxi she ends up in a car crash and wakes up in a hospital.

The hospital staff tells her she has had amnesia and that she is in fact an Adele Carson who disappeared eight years ago, at age 15, and is the missing daughter of the powerful minister John Carson.

Katie’s new life is the story of a young girl who escapes a criminal gang, feigns amnesia, becomes a part of a rich family and the realization that by running from wolves, she has run into the paws of lions!

Will Kathy manage to escape from the clutches of the rich powerful family who has taken control of her life?