Le Petit Tour

Director: Gaël Truc, Production: Gaël Truc,  Italy/France/Switzerland, Languages: French/Italian, 2019, 10×30’, Rights: World 

A gastronomic road trip around the Alps. In Le Petit Tour a gastro journey presented by sommelier and foodie expert Mathieu Champrétavy, he takes the audience on a cross-cultural tour around the Italian and French Alps. In a series of original reportages ‘Le Petit Tour’ documents authentic and genuine encounters between food producers in the Aosta Valley and its neighbours: Savoy (France), the Valais (Switzerland) and Piedmont (Italy). Exploring local traditional methods of making wine, cheeses, cured meats, honey, bread, spirits and growing fruit. At the end of every episode, the host Mathieu is accompanied by another gastro expert and a special guest: a locally known celebrity, that is invited to share his opinions as a testimonial of territory, recounting anecdotes linked to traditional cuisine or their individual passions. Dining with other people, enjoying, for example, a nice plate of Polenta Concia accompanied by a good glass of red wine, is one of those things that contribute to keeping our identity as mountain dwellers alive.

History, nature and beauty Crossing several Alpine passes that historically connected the various valleys is the best way to enjoy the unique
beauty that nature offers us. We experience breathtaking landscapes, medieval castles, mountain pastures and exceptional restaurants are only some of Le Petit Tour’s fantastic settings. The mountains must be experienced all around: therefore, if the dinner table is the iconic setting of our encounters, we must not forget the beauty surrounding it.

The series covers 3000 miles, presents 20 food ambassadors, from three different countries, asking questions about what role the traditional food processes has now and in the future. However most of all its about enjoying food together on a fun culinary adventure with a very charming host Mathieu Champrétavy.



1. FONTINA d’Alpeggio – BEAUFORT Chalet d’Alpage
2. PRIE BLANC de Morgex – REZE de Sierre
3. FARINA DI MAIS from the Aosta Valley – FARINA DI MAIS from Canavese
5. Valle d’Aosta LARD d’Arnad D.O.P. – LARD SEC du Valais I.G.P.
6. PICOTENDRO, Donnas D.O.C. – LESSONA D.O.C. di Lessona
7. PETIT ROUGE D.O.C. di Aymavilles – HUMAGNE ROUGE A.O.C. de Leytron
8. BODEUN from the Aosta Valley – SAUCISSE DE SANG from Savoy
9. SIDRO from the Aosta Valley – CIDRE from the Valais
10. TORCETTO from the Aosta Valley – TORCETTO di Aglié