Director: Matvey Troshkin, Screenplay: Matvey Troshkin, Producer: Maria Chuprinskaya Production: ETHNOFOUND, World Sales in collaboration with Antipode Sales & Distribution, Language: Russian, RUSSIA, 2015, 75′,  Rights: World excluding Russia and CIS countries


Eugeniy Tsoy is a drag artist, he works in a show of twins, parody, a multi-performance drag show. He is a young gay man, which determines a lot in his life, his work and his relations with people. Eugene lives with his common-law husband Maxim. Maxim is a bus driver. Big, strong and kind man, always ready to help his fragile beloved Evgeniy with costumes, make-up and shootings. Evgeniy is a beloved person, artist and object of admiration for Maxim. Funny and touching family couple. Maxim dreams about their own house not far from Moscow. He wants his artistic and nervous friend to live in a calm beautiful place away from megalopolis stress and homophobia. Do they have a chance to have such a family nest in a country where homosexuality is outlawed? In Russia to be gay means to be damned and banned by society and the law….

The best thing with Eugene is his ability, to be honest, real and to share his with other people his experiences. He is a sensitive soul, easily offended, funny and cocky at the same time. His husband Maxim is very kind, forgiving, generous and dreams of earthly good. He seeks to protect and defend Eugene from the external evil world.

The Neurotic Eugene, who sees himself as a star in a relationship with a very ordinary bus driver – extremes meet. They are two halves, ideally complementing each other.

The audience will see very bright scenes from the life of the main characters: Eugene’s performances, his relations with friends and husband, their quarrels and small family joys, how Eugene creates his images. But what is the most important – through this variety of episodes, the audience will get closer and closer to the inner world of the heroes. The main storyline will develop from comical, funny or outrageous, shocking scenes that are on the surface, to deeply tragic inner content.

Will this nice couple can be happy and live their own life in homophobic Russia or do their dreams cost too much…


Official Selection in ART DOC Films Moscow 2015