Let Your Light Shine (Accendi la tua luce)

Director and Writer: Thomas Torelli, Production: Un Altro Mondo, Language: English, Italian, Italy, 2021, 27′, Rights: World

A documentary film by Thomas Torelli, poses the question how does the media affect our lives? Can it destroy our happiness? What should we do to not become completely depressed in a world of 24h rolling news feeds, violent video games, Twitter storms and fake news, featuring the Italian filmmaker Silvano Agosti and American spiritual leader Joe Vitalei among others.

Thomas Torelli, author, director and founder of the web TV that brings awareness to the themes of personal growth, environment, health and much more, gives us a short but intense documentary in which he analyzes which are the conditions that are imposed on us by the media and how it is possible to counter them, through the testimonies of several notable writers/thinkers and filmmakers: Filmmaker and director Silvano Agosti, author Salvatore Brizzi, author Virginio De Maio, author and coach Italo Pentimalli, psychologist and author Erica Francesca Poli, international speaker and best selling author Richard Romagnoli,  film director Alberto Simone (Il commissario Manara ), spiritual teacher Joe Vitalei.