Light The Wild

Producers: Ruby Lin , Nick Tai, Production company: TVBS, Country: Taiwan Language: Mandarin Chinese with English subtitles,  10 x 95′, 2023, Territories: The world, excluding Asia

In this a reality series where six cast members from the popular award-winning Taiwanese series “Light the Night” explore camping  and have to perform tasks to receive rewards. How will the stars fare and learn in this exploratory reality show?

A group of female stars experience difficulties during camping, besides visiting the stunning campsites all over Taiwan, we can see how the women get along off-screen and their learning curve  of survival.

There is a further season called Starlight B&B.


“I really enjoyed Light the Wild. It’s really heartwarming reality tv. It’s about a bunch of stars getting together, enjoy camping or hosting a Airbnb, playing games, cooking, missions, with sprinkles of nature and learning of cultures. I can see why other reviewers may not like it, because it’s slow reality tv. But it’s like a nice, smooth wine.”

IMDb luangela-27610