Little Puskas and Friends

Director: Csaba Gellár, Producers: Tamás Lajos, Sándor Takó and László Bederna, Production Company: Film Positive Productions, Language: English, Hungary, 12×7’, 2023 Rights: World (Except Hungary)

The 2D animated TV series is inspired by the children’s books by Kristóf Kemény which in turn are loosely based on the childhood of internationally renowned footballer Ferenc Puskás nicknamed Öcsi meaning Buddy who played at Real Madrid and the Spanish national team.

Little Öcsi Puskás resides on the outskirts of Budapest, in Kispest, alongside his parents and sister, Évike. His closest companion and neighbour, Cucu Bozsik, joins Öcsi in spending their every free moment at the nearby football ground. This open, slightly dusty area behind the houses becomes their haven, where they engage in spirited football matches with the local boys.

The ground serves as a canvas for the children’s imagination, as they transform piles of wood into towering structures, repurpose empty barrels as fortifications, and assemble miscellaneous scraps into makeshift playgrounds and even their very own football field. It is within this independent realm that the young ones craft their own world.

Through the course of the series, viewers are treated to the fascinating journey of creating a rag ball, the origins of the renowned Puskás skill, and the pivotal role played by Mr. Nándi Szűcs, Kispest AC’s youth team coach. It is under his guidance that our young heroes are discovered and set forth on a remarkable path, ultimately conquering the world of football.

Target audience 6-10 years old.

About the director

Csaba Gellar is a Hungarian animation film director and art director. He graduated from the Animation Department of Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (MOME) Budapest. He joined the “Animation Sans Frontiéres” international workshop in 2012-2013. Created several animated commercials and shorts, which have been screened in the competition sections at many international festivals.