Loreto – The Mistery of the Holy House (Il mistero della Santa Casa)

Director: Luca Trovellesi Cesana, Production: Studio3 TV, Country: Italy, Language: Italian, English, French,  1 x 52′, 2009, Rights: Scandinavia, UK, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria

An exclusive investigation regarding one of the most fascinating and controversial mysteries in the history of Christianity: the relocation of the Holy House of the Virgin Mary from Nazareth to Loreto, Italy. According to tradition, it was brought over by flying angels. Recent investigations have managed to prove that Christians moved it back during the Crusades. 

In this extraordinary docufiction, supported by 3D graphics, we will walk you through the path of the Holy House, trying to solve the enigma that haunts all modern architects all over the world, who, to this day, cannot explain the absence of the House’s foundations.