Losing It All (Perderlo todo)

Director/Writer: Víctor Cerdán, Production: TAIFAS COMUNICACIÓN, Country: Spain, Language: Spanish, 3×20’, 2021, Rights: World

Loren and his daughter, Azahara, live in a brutal rural world of dead animals, cocaine and firearms. A world where the characters are victims of their own instincts and ambitions. A world where some of them survive, but none are saved.

“Losing It All” is a mini-series set in a marginal town in the interior of Alicante. Starring characters who play themselves. A thriller inspired by stories and crimes that occurred in the environment where the characters live; realities of others that mix with their nightmares, desires and possibilities.

The film is the result of four years of searches and agreements. Shot with a small technical team and camera in hand, he stalks the characters until he finds the authentic expression on their faces. The result is a portrait of a violent universe, an earthquake of reactions where thinking with your guts is the only way to balance.


Lorenzo García López
Ramón Cortés
Ramón Cortés Correa