Love and Care (L’Amore e la Cura)

Directed by: Joseph Péaquin, Produced by: Joseph Péaquin, Italy, In production 2021, 50’, Rights: World

Marta and Matilde are two sisters born and raised in Gressoney-Saint-Jean in the Aosta Valley region of north-western Italy. With no family land they decided to undertake an agro-pastoral activity integrating of crop production and livestock production in the mountains, focusing on sustainable and high-quality agriculture.  .

A story of free, passionate and independent women who struggle to impose a different model of agriculture in the mountains as an alternative to the intensive one.

The model is sustainable agriculture with the conservation and restoration of part of the land left to abandonment. The sisters reject intensive agriculture often synonymous with the heavy use of pesticides. They promote instead healthy agriculture that respects the rhythm of nature and animals. Both are graduates, Matilde from the prestigious Sorbonne in Paris. Yet despite their studies, they have chosen to devote themselves to working the land.

The documentary will follow these women engaged in starting an agricultural activity trying to highlight the fluctuations of life and their relationship with nature and plants. We will bring out the emotions of the girls and the relationship with loved ones. But above all their personal reflections and a new and modern vision of conceiving agriculture.

Note of intent
In history, the image of the mountain has often been represented by men and the few women present were often in the background. This documentary does not want to make a portrait of extraordinary women with particular talents or gifts but simply the portrait of two determined women who manage to carry out an agro-pastoral activity in the first person where the women are the main protagonists.