Love on a Shoestring

Director: Alex Peng, Producer: Timothy Shao, Production company: TVBS, Country: Taiwan Language: Mandarin Chinese with English subtitles, 60×24′ 2024, Territories: Upon request
It is a romantic comedy that strikes a chord with today’s youth. Can saving money and romance coexist harmoniously?

When a penny-pinching accountant meets a handsome big spender at work, their clashing takes on money collide into a whirlwind of unlikely romance. 

Are you confident about having a romance without spending money?

In an era of rising prices,  Keke, a super frugal white-collar worker. In her life she has not found love because dating is undeniably costly. That was until she encountered meets the wastrel Haikuo Haikuò, whose spending is extravagant as a flowing river.

Gold digger Elly, swore to pursue Haikuò, but Keke believe him to be kind. How can she allow him to be in deep water? Thus, she sabotages Elly’s plans, only to find herself unexpectedly  falling for Haikuò. Little does she know, this is part of Haikuò’s plan, leading her into the trap of love.


Kuo Shu-yau
Sam Lin
Katie Chen
Huang Bofeng