Makłowicz’s Travels (Makłowicz w podróży)

Director: Piotr Mikucki and Paweł Lesisz, Script: Paweł Lesisz and Robert Makłowicz, Production: TVP, Country: Poland, Language: Polish, 198 x 25′, 2008-2017, Rights: US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, Scandinavia, Turkey and MENA. 

Culinary and travel program. One of the most popular culinary critics and gourmets in Poland, Robert Makłowicz, visits various corners of the globe tempted by their cuisine and exotic dishes,  learning about the local culture and customs. He prepares regional dishes and shares information about the places he visits. This series gives an opportunity to see unique places, and cultures and to get extraordinary recipes that will impress your family and friends.

Makłowicz is a charismatic food critic, journalist and historian, he travels all over the world in search of phenomenal traditional dishes. The program is rich in information about the culture of a given region and its history.

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