Maponos the Taurin (Maponos il Taurino)

Director: Alberto Gelmi, Produced by: Alberto Gelmi Production, Language: Cisalpine Celtic, 2023, 7’38”, Rights: World 

Maponos the Taurin is a historical short film drama about a violent time in the Piedmont region where a local Celtic man who speaks the Cisalpine Celtic language fights for his life with three soldiers.

The Taurini were a Celto-Ligurian tribe dwelling in the upper valley of the river Po, around present-day Turin, during the Iron Age and the Roman period.

About the language

The creators of the film have developed the script with experts on the ancient, Cisalpine Celtic language. During the first millennium B.C. Two Celtic languages were spoken between the Po and the Alpine valleys and lakes, in the territory corresponding to northern Italy and southern Switzerland: Lepontic and Gaulish. Both languages can be included under the label of Cisalpine Celtic, that is, ‘Celtic on this side of the Alps’, according to the perspective of the ancient Romans, to differentiate it from the transalpine Gaulish of the opposite slope of the Alps, in modern-day France.

About the Creator

From Turin whose passion for cinema blossomed at a young age through the collection of home videos. This early fascination propelled him to pursue formal studies in cinema, fostering an interest in various video-related aspects. His journey commenced as a videomaker in fashion and television, gradually bringing him closer to the realms of cinema and documentaries.

In 2020, Alberto independently produced his debut short film, “New Entry,” which garnered four nominations. Building on this success, in 2023, with the support of friends and industry professionals, he embarked on his second self-financed project, “Maponos il Taurino.” Presently, Alberto remains active on multiple sets, continually expanding his expertise in photography and direction. He collaborates with national TV and contributes to small and medium-sized productions, showcasing his ongoing dedication to the cinematic craft.



ROME Film Festival 2024: Best Cinematography, Best Sound Design, Best Action