Directed by: Jorge Saavedra, Toño López, Marta Piñeiro, Producers: Carlos Carballo, Carlos Portela, Alfonso Blanco, Alberto Guntín, Production Company: Voz Audiovisual, Spain, 5 Seasons, 87 x 45’, 2009-2013,  Rights: Upon request

Matalobos a CRTVG crime series the first to deal with the brutal the reality of drug trafficking in Galicia. Matalobos is a criminal family clan in Sardiñeira, a coastal town of Galicia a quiet beautiful place. However, behind the tranquil facade, there is a drug war going on. The charismatic boss Carmelo Matalobos (Luis Iglesias) manages the clan with an iron hand, trying to fight off attempts of take-over of money laundering and drug trafficking ventures. In the town, there are five families involved in drug trafficking on a large scale: powerful clans. However, they are in trouble as society is fighting back a female judge and a lawyer is hellbent on stopping them.


Best Series Mestre Mateo 2012-2013