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Director/Writer: Paula Foncea, Production company: La Moderna, Country: Spain, Language: Spanish,  6×25’, 2023, Territories: World (No Spain)
In this series by showrunner Paula Foncea we accompany the semi-biographical Paula, a young actress who returns to Madrid to play a leading role in a large production, leaving her work in London on pause. But things don’t go as she expected and she finds herself stuck back in the city with nothing to do but reconnect with her friends and her extended support network, a diverse group of people who face problems such as housing, lack of work or speculation and gentrification of the city center. One of them, a journalist, also combats the lack of freedom in the media.
MATRIZ reflects the daily life of six people in Madrid in a hyper-realistic way, showing common problems in any city (precariousness, lack of freedom of press, real estate speculation or mental health management), but above all it’s a feelgood series and an ode to the chosen family and city life, of the millennial.
“The stories are of millennial and urban customs, we could say, with a bit of drama and comedy but without exaggerating, is like the day-to-day life, anyone will find similarities in these characters who, feels autobiographical.”

“…an exceptional cast that gives life to this ode to the chosen family and the city of Madrid, automatically becoming a  cult feelgood “

Cultura Press

“Paula Foncea plays her role with extraordinary precision, with a capacity for description that seems limitless, incapable of keeping any secret or repressing any opinion. Highlight the soundtrack of Matriz, varied, diverse and fascinating as its protagonist.”



PAULA FONCEA (The Zone) as Paula





About the director

Paula Foncea (They/Them) photo by Geraldine Leloutre

Paula Foncea  is an actor, showrunner and director based in Madrid. They played in Islandia a short film nominated for the Edda Awards of the Icelandic Film and Television Academy, Sintesis, best short film at Babel Film Festival, by Mariano Barroso, Cicatrices (Movistar +) and Centro Médico (TVE). They has worked in many Spanish theatres (CDN, Naves de Matadero, Teatros Luchana, Nave 73, etc.) and also in Teatro Español in Un tercer lugar (Denise Despeyroux), a play from which they extracted a fragment to shoot her first short film, Hume. They has also adapted and directed Catch Minnie, by Lupe Gehrenbeck. Paula is currently working on the development of  a second series.


BEST SERIES – Madrid Independent Film Festival (FICIMAD)
Best Series, Best Actress, Best Idea, Best Showrunner – Bilbao Seriesland, Best Series – Puglia Web Fest, Rio Web Fest,
Official Selection:
35th Girona Film Festival, Lebanese Independent Film Festival (LIFF), Panama Series Festival, Buenos Aires International Film Festival, Valencia Indie Film Festival (VÀLEIFF), Madrid Film Awards (MADFA), Out of Africa International Film Festival ( OAIFF), Caorle Film Festival.