Memories of a Teenager (Yo, adolescente)

Writer/Director: Lucas Santa Ana, Producers: Alberto Masliah, Daniel Chocrón, Executive Producer: Alberto Masliah, Production: Sombracine, World Sales: Wildstar Sales, Country: Argentina, Language: Spanish, 97′, 2019, Rights: World Excluding: South America, USA, Spain, UK, Ireland and France

Based on the novel by Nicolás Zamorano. After the suicide of his best friend and the tragedy of the fire in a dance club called Cromañón, between recitals, illegal parties in abandoned warehouses and high school, a year passes in the tormented life of Zabo, who unloads everything he feels into his blog, “Yo, adolocente”.

It’s 2005,  after the real-life Cromañón tragedy, when the nightclub burned down and 94 people died and at least 1,492 were injured, the nightlife and the culture of Buenos Aires changed forever, especially for teenagers.
Zabo a 16-year-old blogger, was affected by the recent suicide of his friend Pol, days after the massacre. Unable to understand his death, Zabo sinks into a depression that he denies and covers up with worldly conflicts. After classes start and all the kids are frustrated that they can’t go out to the usual bowling alleys, they organize a party in an abandoned warehouse.

Zabo finds out that María, his friend from elementary school, has separated and it is the ideal time to propose, but Fran, his best friend from elementary school, goes ahead conquering the girl.
During long talks with his best friend Juan de el, Zabo discovers that maybe he is in love with him and starts fights not to take charge.
Matías, another childhood friend, recommends that he try a third party.

Zabo has feelings for Guido, another classmate, and embarks on sexual experimentation with him to confirm whether he is homosexual or just in love with Juan as a person. Loaded with doubts and fears, Zabo meets Tina, a girl who is dating. They secretly start a love relationship. Zabo lives a two-way relationship between Guido and Tina until he finds out about the infidelity and that it is just a game for Zabo who is still debating about his sexuality. Zabo declares himself in love with Tina, which precipitates the lovers’ breakup.

Zabo finds himself more and more alone and away from all those who were his friends. Tina becomes pregnant. Not knowing if she is her boyfriend or Zabo’s, she summons the two to make a joint decision about the pregnancy. Pushed by her boyfriend, she decides to have an abortion while Zabo is on vacation at the beach. While all this is happening, Zabo remembers his friendship with Pol, looking for the answer to everything that happens to him. Matías, who knew them both, recovers some letters that Pol left for all his friends where he reveals his secret love for Zabo that he took to his grave. Zabo doesn’t want to go through the same thing his friend went through and ventures to confess his wishes to Fran, who rejects him. Almost like a mirror, Zabo repeats Pol’s steps looking for an end to his pain.


Jury Award for Best Actor to Renato Quattordio.
Huelva Ibero-American Film Festival.
Best film award, IES Pablo Neruda (young jury).
Huelva Ibero-American Film Festival.
Two Post Production Awards
Viña del Mar International Film Festival.

Directors Bio

Screenwriter, director and producer graduate of the ENERC INCAA In 2013 he participates in Historias Breves 8 with the short film “Vida Nueva”.2016 premieres his fictional Opera Prima “Like a bride without sex”. 2016 and 2017
his documentary “El Puto Inolvidable” travelled to many festivals receiving the audience award for best documentary and best
Director at LesGaiCineMad. In 2017 he does the Executive production of “The Sound of Tulips” by Alberto Masliah. In 2018 he executive produced Rodolfo’s “Lobos” Duran and “The Hunter” by Marco Berger. In 2019 he shoots his second fiction feature film, “Yo, Adolescent” based on in the novel of Zabo. currently he directs with Liliana Furió and produces the documentary “Ilse
Fuskova: Lesbiae Mater”, about the renowned Argentinian feminist lesbian. He participated in the Talent Campus Buenos Aires in 2005 with his script “Like a girlfriend without sex”