Migrant Mothers of Syria

Director/Writer/Producer: Anna Fahr, Co-producer: Habib Battah, Produced by: Morning Bird Pictures, Canada/Lebanon, Arabic, 2020, 6×3-5′, Rights World

Migrant Mothers of Syria is an interactive documentary web series that seeks to bring the Syrian refugee crisis out of the realm of numbers and statistics and engage audiences with personal stories about life in-between places – told from the POV of mothers whose lives have been uprooted by conflict. Providing a glimpse into their memories, day-to-day struggles and hopes for the future, the documentary combines interactive drawings and short “day-in-the-life” videos to bring the user into a world that, while in many ways unfamiliar, is also somehow relatable.

Through the universal theme of motherhood, the documentary reflects on notions of home, migration and exile as being part of a shared human condition that is not confined to any given race, culture or religion but that ultimately affects us all.