Mrs. Cop

Director: Yu In Sik, Writer: Hwang Ju Ha, Production: Sokumbit Media, World Sales in collaboration with: SBS Content Hub, Korea, Language: Korean, 2015-16, S01 18x 75′ S02 20×75′ Rights: Italy, UK, France, Germany and Spain

Crime drama with female detective squad chief Yeongjin, who also raises her daughter alone. The joys and sorrows of being a working mum in Korea are explored through the life of the passionate Yeongjin.

Season 1
Recently widowed female detective squad chief Yeongjin had a hard time growing up with her sick mum, she forms a strong bond with her police father and when he dies in the line of duty she is the one who has to step into his role as the head of the family, she follows in the footsteps of her father and becomes a police officer. Her loving husband father of her daughter dies in a car accident and she is left with sole responsibility for their daughter. With the stresses of the job, she feels like the worst mum ever.  When the convicted killer of her father is released early from prison she realises he has no remorse and she starts chasing him and she finds herself accused of being a political puppet. But Yeongjin does not give up.

Inspector chief investigator Jongho is rational and thoroughly realistic,  a tad cold-hearted. He doesn’t mind losing face in order to get what he wants. He went to the police school with Yeongjin and he’s Yeongjin’s best friend. He is well aware of her abilities as he’s known her so long. So he called Yeongjin to join the department of violent crime.  He is starting to feel more than friendship toward Yeongjin.  She is emotionally distant because of what she is going through.

Season 2
After the departure of Captain Choi, the Criminal is looking for new recruits. Captain Park Jong-Ho, nostalgic for his old unit, tries to breathe new life into it. It is then up to Ko Yoon-Jung, an inspector with a strong character and at the forefront of fashion, to prove herself as the new team leader. But a strong adversary, the mysterious Lee Ro-Joon, may well complicate their lives.


Kim Min Jong

Kim Hee Ae

Son Ho Joon

Lee Da Hee



SBS Drama Award
Special Acting Award for an Actress in a Miniseries
Lee Da-hee
New Star Award
Ho Joon Son
SBS Drama Award
Producer’s Award
Kim Hee-ae
Top Excellence Actress in a Miniseries
Kim Hee-ae
Excellence Actor in a Miniseries
Min-jong Kim
Special Acting Award for an Actor in a Miniseries
Ho Joon Son