Naked (Çıplak)

Director: Can Evrenol , Producer: Tanay Abbasoğlu, Script Writers: Can Evrenol, Merve Göntem, Production company: TN Yapım, World Sales: Inter Medya, Country: Turkey, Language: Turkish, 8 x 19′, 2020, Territories:  Formats only English speaking countries
When a young sex worker falls in love with her client, who is going to marry an upper class woman in a few weeks, she gets drawn into the center of this couple’s life without realizing.

Eylül is a young woman living with her grandmother in Istanbul, working as a sex worker. She dreams of saving enough money to move to Wales in the UK. One night, she’s invited to a bachelor party and falls for the groom, Cem, who is about to marry his long-distance girlfriend, Başak. As the wedding day approaches, Eylül and Cem’s lives intertwine.

Başak returns to Turkey, but Cem and Eylül continue their secret relationship. Things get complicated when Cem and Başak see Eylül in a film, acting in a sex scene. Başak, wanting to try something new, invites Eylül to spend a night with her and Cem. Soon after, Eylül’s grandmother dies, and Eylül turns to Cem for comfort. This makes Başak suspicious, and out of jealousy, she reveals she once slept with Cem’s brother.

Despite everything, Cem and Başak proceed with their wedding. At the intense ceremony, Cem’s friend brings Eylül as his date. Başak accepts the unconventional relationship, and Cem stays at Eylül’s house. Before he leaves, an unexpected guest arrives, leading to a heated argument and a dramatic climax.