Natural Selection (Selección Natural)

Directed by: Sergio Carreño, Executive Producer: James Urrego, Production Company: Helena Films, Colombia, 9 x 11’/93′, 2018, Rights: World excl. Colombia.

The murder of a famous transexual artist, reveals dark secrets that involve powerful people in the Colombian political establishment and exposes the hypocrisy of those in power who think they are above the law.

This short-form series taps into the current debate about homosexual couples being able to adapt and societies treatment of trans people.

The murder of Madorilyn, a famous transexual, is the starting point for the snowball effect that drags Prosecutor Guillermo Cardona through an investigation that will entangle him in an impenetrable web of power and lies. Love, treason, and hypocrisy are what motivate a top layer of the society drunk on power. In Natural Selection to fit in means to sacrifice oneself. Guillermo wants to resolve the murder; while doing it, he finds the connection between the institution he works for and the corrupt politicians linked to the crime. The murder is the starting point for each character to take us through their journey facing their own prejudices and the inevitable treason in which they get involved to survive in a hostile world where politics and crime are entwined.



  • Winner Best LGBT Dubwefest

  • Winner best iberoamerican series Buenos Aires Web Fest

  • Winner best web production India Catalina Awards

  • Nominee best cinematography, best director, best series, best costume design, best screenplay and best actor at di Seriale Film Fest 2018

  • Nominee to Best International Drama Melbourne, Best Cinematography and Best Editing Web Series Fest. 2018

  • Nominee best lead actor, outstanding Editing in a Drama, outstanding directing and outstanding Cinematography LA Web Fest 2018