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UK-based sales house Videoplugger together with AARDMAN and Alphablocks are delighted to announce that Numberblocks has been picked up in a deal with ARLeF (Regional Agency for the Friulian Language) dubbed  in FRIULIAN it will be released as I NUMARUTS and will be included in the program “Maman!”, broadcast on Telefriuli, as well as on the ARLeF website and on the institutional YouTube channel of the Agency.

About ARLeF
ARLeF – Agjenzie regjonâl pe lenghe furlane (Regional Agency for Friulian Language) is a public body of the Autonomous Region of Friuli – Venezia Giulia that coordinates activities involving the safeguarding and promotion of the Friulian language in accordance with Regional policy.

The agency provides a language consultancy service for both public and private bodies and performs diverse actions to promote the presence and advance the use of the Friulian language in the main fields of social life, including the family, the school, mass media, new technologies, public administration, scientific research, show business, the arts, culture and the working environment.

For over 40 years, Aardman has entertained and charmed the world, creating much loved characters and bringing unforgettable stories to life. Its productions are global in appeal, novel, entertaining, brilliantly characterised and full of charm reflecting the unique talent, energy and personal commitment of the Aardman team. The studio’s work – which includes the creation of much-loved characters including Wallace & Gromit, Shaun the Sheep, Timmy Time and Morph – is often imitated, and yet the company continues to lead the field producing a rare brand of visually stunning content for cinema, broadcasters, digital platforms and live experiences around the world.

Oli Hyatt, Managing Director of Alphablocks said:

“The Numberblocks team is delighted to enchant young minds with the magic of numbers as we extend our joyous educational show to Friulian. As we embark on this global journey, our goal is to captivate children in diverse languages, laying the foundational stones for the joy of learning numeracy. We are excited to share the universal language of numbers and foster a love for education worldwide.”

Ruth Preston, Senior Sales Manager at Aardman said:

“We’re delighted that this incredible brand continues its global rollout and will now be available in the minority language of Friulian.”

Eros Cisilino, president of the Regional Agency for the Friulian language. said:
“I Numaruts” is the Friulian version of “Numberblocks”, a well-known cartoon shown on CBeebies, from AARDMAN which facilitates the little ones in learning multiplication tables and whereof 30 episodes have been specifically dubbed into the language Friulian.  “I Numaruts” is in line with the most current ways of entertaining and learning for the little ones.” “With this new animated project, ARLeF wishes to further implement the entertainment proposal aimed at children.  The intent: speaking to children in the Friulian language, providing them with knowledge, but always through the use of fun. Friulian thus becomes a vehicular language, both for talking about culture and traditions, and on scientific topics and contemporary like mathematics. This show will undoubtedly capture the attention of children precisely because it’s designed for recreational and educational use.”

Emanuele Galloni CEO Videoplugger said:
“We are proud to announce our first collaboration with Aardman on this series that they distribute on behalf of Alphablocks, making this acclaimed series available in Friulian. Originally commissioned by the BBC, the journey of this series to Friulian-speaking media is a significant piece of news. It underscores the beauty and richness of Friulian, a minority language, which like many others is often overlooked by our industry. This venture is a leap forward in our ongoing mission to bridge the gap between exceptional content, such as Numberblocks, and the diverse linguistic communities around the world. It also underscores our commitment to bringing unique programming from minority language producers to top media outlets globally.”


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