In time for Pride Month we are happy to release the news that Basque production company J.O.K Films, Next station and British distributor Videoplugger are delighted to announce that Puntu Koma has been picked up in a deal with Optimale, and will be released on their streaming platform QueerScreen.

Optimale maintains a variety of content from around the globe in its wide-ranging catalogue of hand-picked LGBTQ oriented content.

QueenScreen is a subscription VOD offer that brings together the best of LGBTQ+ films and series. Available in France and Francophone European countries, the monthly subscription is €6.99. Aware of the lack of exposure of this content in the traditional media, and the exceptions of the public, VOD Factory has partnered with the published Optimale to launch this service in November 2019.

Puntu Koma (2019, 6×10’)

Puntu Koma the title is a play on words in Basque the literal translation is a semicolon. Koldo (Mikel Ibarguren) is in a coma and when his mother and friends come together by his bedside at the hospital, they discover that he had many secrets. There is a meeting of incompatible people who will have to learn how to get along with each other in an unusual situation. It shows how we should accept each other despite our differences such as age, race, disability and sexual orientation, in our diversity.

Steve Trameau, Director, Optimale said:

“A new original program is still a great chance for us and for our QueerScreen Platform. We are very happy to propose Puntu Koma to our French audience which like the Spanish series”

Jokin Etcheverria, Producer, J.O.K Films said:

“The Puntu Koma series is a thriller that puts diversity at the heart of the story, being broadcast on Optimale’s QueerScreen is a real honor for us!”

Emanuele Galloni, CEO, Videoplugger, said:

“Finally, this beautiful Basque language production reaches France’s wider audiences through QueerScreen. We keep supporting regional languages productions worldwide, from France and for France (and not only), in a moment when such productions are very much needed and appreciated.”


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