Marking 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz.

We are proud to present Monica Manganelli’s award-winning animated film: Butterflies in Berlin –Diary of a soul split in two’. Produced by Latteplus Berlin Film Production + Alexandra Cinematografica  in collaboration with RAI Cinema

The film presenting a story of the first out-of-surgery transsexual in history during the rise of the Nazis.

Director: Monica Manganelli, Writer: Monica Manganelli, Producer: Antonio Luca Padovani, Francesco De Blasi, Production Company: A Latteplus Berlin Film Production + Alexandra Cinematografica Srl, in collaboration with RAI Cinema, with the support of German Federal Ministry of Culture and Media, Emilia Romagna Film Commission and MIBACT-Italian Ministry of Culture and Cinema, Italy, 30′, 2019, Language: Italian/English.
A story inspired by real events during the rise of the Nazis. Alex is a young transsexual living in Berlin in the time when the sexually liberated Weimar Republic gives way for the Third Reich. Searching for his place in the world and his sexual identity, Alex whose character is loosely based on Dora Richter (source Il Manifesto) becomes the first to undergo male-to-female surgery in history helped by the Magnus Hirschfeld at his pioneering Institut für Sexualwissenschaft, first of its kind. This, unfortunately, happens during the rise of the Nazis, a social disruption that turned the ‘capital’ of sexual freedom into the most repressed country of all times. In the start of the film, his diary is discovered by a young American journalist and we are told his story through his diary.

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