RTS Cymru awards

‘Dylan and Loli’ (Deian a Loli) SHORTLISTED FOR AN RTS CYMRU AWARD


The Royal Television Society in Wales announced nominations for its 2020 awards.

We are so proud that Dylan and Loli‘ (Deian a Loli) by Cwny Da from our scripted catalogue is nominated in children’s category, at the RTS Cymru Awards 2020.

RTS (Royal Television Society) CYMRU Award 2020 is celebrating outstanding content by television industry professionals and student filmmakers in Wales. Fingers cross for Hanna and Mari, the director Claire Fowler and crew at Cwni Da.

We’re thrilled by the high quality and high number of entries in this first year of our Industry Awards, and the Student Awards, now in their 25th year, continue to underline the wealth of young talent in Wales.

Judith Winnan, Chair of RTS Cymru Wales,

Dylan and Loli 26×14′  (26×14′ in prod.)
Popular S4C live-action preschool series, about mischievous twins who have secret superpowers. Dylan and Loli aren’t angels – by far! – they fight like cats and dogs, driving their parents up the wall! One minute they are sworn enemies, and the next they are the best of friends. There’s no saying how they’ll behave!
But Dylan and Loli have a secret – they have magical powers that nobody else in the whole wide world knows about. They can make themselves teeny tiny, just by putting their thumbs to their nose and waving their fingers (which can be a handy trick if you want to play hide-and-seek!), but even better than that, when Dylan and Loli come together and wrap their fingers together in the right way, and say the magic words – ‘Orbiliberi!’ – something incredible happens. Immediately their parents are frozen in time, A whole new world awaits, where anything is possible. The twins can fly; the trees, wind, and sun can talk; they meet unicorns and mermaids, confronting dragons in Lego castles and travelling to the moon in make-shift cardboard rockets…


The RTS Cymru Awards 2020 will be held on the 27th of February at Cineworld, Cardiff. 


Take a look at the trailer below!