Polichinelles wins at MARSEILLE WEB FEST

Polichinelles is a French short-form series. Salomé (Sandra Parra) and Marion (Magali Genoud) are a same-sex couple, whose relationship gets tested when they decide to have a child, by their family and the society around them.

The series was screened at the 9th edition of the Marseille Web Fest and won the award for “Best Screenplay” and “Best Editing”, as well as the “Grand Jury Prize”, which all 15 series at the festival were in competition for.

The series creators Armand Robin and Sandra Parra say this about the series:

Intimacy and accident: Polichinelles is a small world where everything can happen anytime because it’s full of quick-minded humans, guided by their own emotions. Their story unfolds during the changes launched by the laws supported by Christiane Taubira. Polichinelles shows its character’s problematic as what it is, not as a transgression but as a choice constructed by personal questions, an intimate reflection, and a life long project. Marion and Salomé are, before all, a couple with whom we’re sharing doubts, dreams and a certain intimacy. A couple that wants to become a family. All their emotions are condensed in an energetic narration that is inherent in the 3 minutes format.