Irish producer Wildfire films and British distributor Videoplugger are delighted to announce that GRACE HARTE has been picked up in a deal with BBC ALBA and will air in the UK with broadcast in March 2019.

Grace Harte is a 3-part drama series set in a dilapidated hotel in the West of Ireland centred around a love triangle that ends tragically. Grace and Leo Harte, both in their 40s, run a crumbling hotel, Ostán Harte, a fixture on the landscape for many years. Danny, a young and ambitious surfer, sets up a surfing school on the beach adjacent to the hotel. Grace meets Danny and tells him how trapped she feels and that at times she wishes she was rid of Leo. Danny grants her wish and conspires in Leo’s murder but as events unfold, the intended victim is not the main casualty.

BBC ALBA is the Gaelic language channel managed in partnership by the BBC and MG ALBA and broadcasting throughout the UK.

Máire Ní Chonlain, Commissioning Editor TG4 says,
TG4 is delighted that its award winning drama series Grace Harte produced by Wildfire Films will now have a wider audience with this broadcast on BBC ALBA. No matter the language, if it’s good drama it will travel.”

Producer Martha O’Neill, Wildfire Films says,
“It really is fantastic that Grace Harte is going to find an audience beyond our shores. It is a strong noir drama that deserves a wider audience and we are delighted that BBC ALBA are going to show it. “

Emanuele Galloni, CEO Videoplugger says,
We’re thrilled Grace Harte will be broadcast on BBC ALBA, the ideal outlet in the UK to showcase Irish language drama. We are proud to be contributing to its success by working alongside Wildfire Films”