British Producer Kieron Moore and British distributor Videoplugger are delighted to
announce that comedy-drama “Spectrum” has been picked up by Asia’s first
LGBT-focused OTT platform GagaOOLala, owned by Portico Media.

“Spectrum”, 37′, 2019
A drag king and a trans woman explore their new identities. A young man hooks up
with a vampire, who wants to suck his blood. An older man adopts a pup, which
brings him the attention he craved. And an awkward bisexual has forgotten to come
out to both his girlfriend and his ex-boyfriend.

About GagaOOLala
“Gagaoolala – Find YourStory” is a global online streaming service specialized in
LGBTQ+ content, which is provided by Taiwan based Portico Media, who is also the
founder of Taiwan International Queer Film Festival (TIQFF) and Queermosa
Awards, GagaOOLala is Portico Media’s latest effort to share LGBTQ stories from
around the world with a wider audience.

Jay Lin, CEO, Portico Media, said:
“Kieron Moore’s award-winning short film is exactly what the platform aims to offer
our audience: unique and impressive films like comedy-drama “Spectrum”.

Kieron Moore, Producer, said:
“With Spectrum, we told the stories of Manchester’s queer community, but these
stories must be universal too, as we never realised how far across the world the film
would reach. We’re very excited to bring the film to Asian audiences, and also to be
featured on the most fantastically named streaming service in the world,

Ebba Eriksson, Creative Director, Videoplugger
“We are truly pleased to have placed this very British short film on the only LGBTQ
focused South Asian VOD streamer GagaOOLala, this proves that great stories will
always travel.”