Gabia nominated for Goya Awards

The Mallorcan IB3 Television mini-series Operation Cage (Gàbia) written and directed by Marcos Cabotá is a fictitious drama. Reimagining the aftermath of the terror attacks during the summer of 2009 in Mallorca where the civil guards Diego Salvà and Carlos Saenz de Tejada were killed. When the last of a small group of dwindling ETA members ended the life of two young civilian guards.

In the days after the attack, Xavi, a young Mallorcan, who lives on a boat with his daughter in the harbour, gets to know a married couple Natxo and Elena from the Basque Country who are on a sailing holiday in the Mediterranean. He helps them repairing their boat, while they are trapped on the island during Operation Cage activated by the security forces in the aftermath of the terror attack. Xavi starts to suspects his new acquaintances have something to do with the attacks.

The film version, Gàbia, has been nominated for fifteen awards at the 37th edition of the Goya Awards set to take place on 02 February, 2020. You can find the list of nominations here.