Lebanese production house Momaz Flick, sales house Videoplugger and public broadcaster Mhz Networks are releasing the news that the Lebanese series ”Awake” will be broadcast on MHz Choice.

On Tuesday evening 4th of August, a powerful explosion rippled through Beirut. Leaving hundreds dead and thousands injured. The explosion couldn’t have come at a more sensitive time as COVID-19 cases are one the rise and the hospitals are overwhelmed, and the country is already facing an economic crisis.

“Awake” (2019, 16X45’)
“Awake” is about a young woman, Dana (Flavia Bechara), who wakes up from a coma 12 years later, unable to speak or really interact with others. Surrounded by her loving family, and with the help of her sisters Lama (Stephanie Atallah) and Jinane (Ruba Zaarour), she slowly comes to grips with what happened to her and how social media has taken over the world, she has woken up to a new world where everyone she has ever loved is different. Family secrets and past lies begin to unravel, a story-line full of twists. Directed by Mazen Fayad.

About MHZ Choice
MHz Networks is a global media company, which specializes in presenting the world’s best programming to American and Canadian audiences. Available on multiple devices and platforms such as Amazon US. MHz Choice is a ”like a Hulu for European TV” according to NY Times. Top rated by Screen Rant as one of the ”leading distributors of foreign-language entertainment in North America” Shows include the new Norwegian drama ”Twin”, starring ”Game of Thrones” alum Kristofer Hivju among other top-tier shows.”

Lance Schwulst VP Content Strategy , MHz Networks said:
“The loss of lives, countless injuries and massive destruction in the great city of Beirut shocked us all. And now I’ve learned the offices of post-production The Brightside were destroyed in the explosion. Beirut occupies a huge part of my heart. I was lucky enough to spend a great deal of my youth growing up in Lebanon on the campus of The American University of Beirut. That experience shaped and directed so much of life and I hold the country, city and all its people close to my heart. So it was particularly satisfying to have recently closed a deal to bring director Mazen Fayad breathtaking TV series ”Awake” to a US audience on MHz Choice this fall. I hope that its exposure and success helps them to rebuild their offices, lives and creative spirit”

Nadia Tabara, creator Momaz Flick, said:
“The Lebanese people are waking up to a new reality today. We are in mourning for the lives lost, the city destroyed, our hearts broken beyond repair. And with that, we rise as a community to help strangers, friends and neighbours; and we will not be broken by the system that fights against us and has caused this disaster with their negligence. We are the Lebanese people-loving, creative, full of life and always there for each other.”

Emanuele Galloni, CEO Videoplugger said:
”Aspiring to find the best way to pay tribute to our brothers and sisters in Lebanon who lost their lives and staying close to those who have suffered losses of all sorts, we wish “Awake” can bring a different picture of Beirut to the world, reminding everyone that this country will survive this thanks to all the talented women and men of Lebanon. “Awake” is a symbol of this and it will continue to travel and show these talents to the world.”