We are so happy to announce the inclusion of Jonathan Katzeff’s
“The House at the end of the Forest” horror film in our catalogue.

Produced by Jonathan Katzeff co-produced by Alexandra Alegren and Björn Benckert.
A Very Heavy production from Sweden (84′) released in 2020.

A cross between “Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind” and “Evil dead”, set in the remote Swedish countryside. Astrid goes out to the family’s summer house; her childhood’s safe heaven, after being brutally assaulted by a stranger.

But soon the secure and comfortable family reunion Astrid had hoped for turns into a nightmare when the stranger returns with a group of accomplices. What from the start seems to be a matter of home intrusion soon turns into something much darker and surreal.

The film flirts with many classic horror elements such as dreams and the notion of the evil mother, and references “Psycho”“Carrie” and “Mama”.

Director and screenwriter Jonathan Katzeff say “Think Eternal sunshine from a spotless mind meets Evil Dead and you have an idea for my film.”

Jonathan had the film in his head for many years. He wrote the first version of the script when he was eleven years old.

Featuring Alexandra Alegren (Top DogGåsmammanManiacsTornado) Andrea Larsdotter (The Huntress: Rune of the Deadand Maria Grip.

About the director:
Jonathan Katzeff (1981) was born and raised in Skarpnäck south of Stockholm. Film has been his great interest all his life. As a ten-year-old, he opened his eyes to horror when he became a big fan of Wes Craven. He graduated from Stockholm Film School in 2003 and has since also studied television production at the Media Institute. “The House at the end of the Forest” is Jonathan’s first feature film with international distribution.