Audiences and critics alike are raving on both sides of the Pacific ocean about Awake the 16 episode drama from Lebanon that sold earlier in the year to MHZ Choice in North America and to SBS in Australia.

Rick Ellis All your Screens writes that the drama created by Nadia Tabbara has overcome the clunkiness of other Lebanese counterparts, he continues “Awake is well worth watching. The acting is overall first rate.”
And he adds “Watching a subtitled TV series from Lebanon might sound like a daunting task, but Awake is worth it. It’s not just good television, it’s a look at a society and lifestyle that isn’t often seen in America. It’s another example of the growing trend of quality TV coming from unexpected places”.

Downunder in Australia instead the series has just premiered on SBS VOD platform to the delight of the Lebanese diaspora which is large in Australia, and to a new audience of Aussies who never seen any drama from Lebanon.

One fan gushes on the Awake Facebook page:

“I am such a big fan. I am Lebanese-Australian. I live in Perth, Australia and I just finished watching the final episode of Season 1 on SBS. Mabrouk! It’s beautiful. Will we have a Season 2 too look forward to?”

And yet another fan on Facebook:

Another fan from Australia wrote “I hadn’t watched anything from Lebanon before, and this was a great introduction.”

Awake is streaming now in North America on MHZ Choice on SBS in Australia and on Sooner in Germany Austria and Switzerland.