Still from the short film I Choose



We are happy to release the news that award-winning Welsh production company ie ie Productions and London based distributors Videoplugger are delighted to announce that Richard and Jaco: Life With Autism, Richard and Jaco: Take on The World, and I Choose have all been picked up by Italian streaming platform UAM.TV.

UAM.TV is an independent web TV that allows you to stream content on the platform: this means that you can see all the contents in real-time, without advertising interruptions, and without having to download them. All content is always available when and where you want.

ie ie Productions is an award-winning, female-led production company from Wales, producing both scripted and non-scripted content for television, cinema, and online release.

Richard and Jako: Life with Autism (2019, 60’), Richard and Jako: Take on the World (2019, 59′)

BBC Wales documentary exploring autism through the eyes of Welsh actor Richard Mylan and his 11-year-old son, who is on the autism spectrum. The second installment sees the pair traveling from Wales to America and back again, visiting the most autism-friendly places around the world.

I Choose (2020, 11′)

A story of empowerment and resilience. Longing for a life of choice, Rupi sacrifices all that she has ever known and journeys to Wales with her two young daughters.

Sebastiano Vianello, GM at UAM.TV says:

“We are constantly looking for interesting and original content for our platform and we are very happy to include in our catalogue both Richard and Jaco productions and I Choose which are perfectly in line with our philosophy and will surely be very appreciated by our audience.

Tina Pasotra, Director, I Choose says:

“It’s great to be able to share I Choose with a wider audience and beyond our local networks, we hope this narrative resonates for people as it takes on another journey”

Catryn Ramasut Managing Director and Alice Lusher Head Of Drama, ie ie Productions says:

“We are delighted that a European audience can meet the lovely Jaco and his Dad Richard and hope the films help to raise Autism awareness. We’re also delighted to share the work of filmmaker and artist Tina Pasotra with her beautiful, lyrical debut narrative short I Choose”.

Ebba Eriksson, CD, Videopluggers says:

“We are proud of our long-term representation of ie ie Production that continues to make way for their excellent documentaries and drama from Wales across Europe. These titles give a greater understanding of people and communities who sometimes are marginalised.”