The Sect (Cekta), which was acquired by Walter Presents UK marking the first Russian show to be carried by the non-English-language VoD platform, will be premiering on Walter Presents UK in 2020!

Director: Gela Babluani, Producer: Artyom Loginov, Anton Zaycev, Anton Shukin, Production Company: Les Films de la Strada and TNT-Good story media, Russia, 8×42’, 2019

Demidov, a university professor and expert on sects runs a covert sect deprogramming venture using controversial shock-therapy methods. They are ordered to rescue Nika, the daughter of an influential client, from a bizarre and dangerous sect. Lilya, a nurse employed to assist them, has her own traumatic past in a sect where she scarcely escaped from a horrific mass suicide. She is joined by her headstrong daughter Kira who runs away from the night nursery to join them and befriends the “patient”.