French production company Resolution – Htag Studios and British distributor Videoplugger are delighted to announce that film “Ink” has been picked up in a deal with Digital Media Rights.

INK (2018, 68′)
Marko an ex paratrooper turned lorry driver, Guillaume, a small business owner deep in debt and Julie a tormented emergency and accident doctor are drawn against their will into a drug traffic web of unheard nature.

About DMR

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Selin Kilic, Director, Digital Media Rights, said:

“We unconditionally believe independent, international voices serve an important role in North America. INK brings mystery and authenticity in this darkly addictive series, while still remaining relatable to audiences across continents. We are so excited to be able to represent INK here at DMR. ”

Laurent King, Director, INK, said:

“As independent filmmakers, we are honoured and delighted that our passion project, INK, will be available to North American Viewers, thanks to DMR. At this point in time, different stories and different formats offer a window to other worlds, including mysterious ones like INK’s. We can’t wait for the universality of the themes we plotted, the visuals we crafted and characters we imagined to reach a wider audience.”

Ebba Eriksson, Creative Director, Videoplugger said:
“We are so happy that this film which started as a web series which we discovered at Series Mania and immediately felt had a universal appeal has now been given a chance at getting a huge new audience in US and Canada”