A proposito del tuo film          
ROME, November 2022
Svevo Moltrasio who appeared in RED ZONES is a director from Rome. He has planned this film for many years and is now well on his way to making it happen and we are happy to say we are part-funding the project.
GLI OSPITI (The Guests) is a feature film written, directed and created by Svevo Moltrasio. It is a comedy with unexpected twists that takes place over the course of an evening in a villa outside Rome. Ten characters, friends in their 30s and 40s, will be forced into a confrontation that is not without twists and turns that will put them one against one, all against one and one against all.
It will be at times funny, and compelling, and at times distressing and reflective. In search of that cinema, increasingly rare today, in a balance between entertainment and auteurship.
The film GLI OPSITI is in the development stages and is raising money via Tipeee the crowdfunding platform.