Nor Nori Nork (The Declensions)

Director: Estibaliz Urresola Solaguren,  Production Company: Sirimiri Films, Spain, Languages: Arabic, Spanish, Basque, 17´, 2018, Rights: World except North and South America

In 1968 the bases of EUSKARA BATUA, or Standard Basque, were established in the Arantzazu sanctuary, the purpose of which was to bring together the speakers of the different dialects and bring them closer together. Today, 50 years later, the unifying vocation of Euskara Batua continues to be more relevant than ever.

NOR NORI NORK– Literally translates to “The grammatical cases”. It’s a film about intercultural relationships, sharing, and above all, about friendship, where the different declension forms of the old Basque language become representative of the different ways of relating shared by a group of young girls.

NOR NORI NORK is a commission carried out by the Association of Parents of the school, which sought to portray the real coexistence that exists among students from diverse backgrounds. After months of entering the classrooms and their houses they ended up being the protagonists of this film, the idea of ​​representing the different modes of relationship with “the other” was formed through the declension of the language that they all share: Basque.

Festivals and Awards:

Festival CINE INVISIBLE de Bilbao 2020.

Premier Especial del Jurado BABEL International Film Festival (Cerdeña 2019)

Sección Oficial ALCANCES 2018.

Sección Oficial LEKEITIO Zine eta Bideo Bilera 2018.