Off the wall

Director and Writer: Nunzio Caponio, DP/ Editing/Special Effect: Roberto Putzu  Language: Italian/English, Italy, 2019, 14′, Rights: World

In a struggling school in Sardinia, Italy, a native English speaking teacher gains the attention of the students by introducing them to Yoga and together, using the sole power of meditation and imagination, they embark on a journey where reality and fantasy meet in a mysterious forest inhabited by a Sardinian witch and mythological creatures of the island that will teach the students an important lesson.

Director’s Note

Could it be possible that a collective consciousness connected to the cultural heritage of Sardinia exists? Off The Wall is (nearly) a true story. I teach acting to young students and I often use guided meditation as a tool. Several images in Off The Wall have been visualized by the students who participated in this project, and many of them are related to their land, Sardinia. Surely food for thought for all Jungian disciples!

Director’s Bio

Born in Italy, Vasto, Nunzio made his artistic debut as a freelance photographer (1992) and his travel reportages appeared in numerous international magazines and exhibitions. His interest for martial arts took him to Hong Kong (1992-1999) where he became a Tai Chi instructor and began acting and writing for the Hong Kong action film industry. He moved to New York City (1999 – 2006) to develop his acting and writing skills and attended a full two years program at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute of New York. He’s the co-founder of the Sanctuary Theatre Company composed of professional actors, directors and writers and began to stage his first plays. The love for his country and culture took him back to Italy (2007-2017) on the island of Sardinia where he works (writer, director, actor) with the major company of the Island. He has recently developed Prime Acting, a successful method that helps to connect and express the True Self.


Offical selection 21nd Sottodiciotto Film Festival


Vivien Reid (Fatal Gothic, Modern Love)
Luciana Arca
Nunzio Caponio
Marisa Angioni
Alessandra Brunelli
Silvia Campus
Gabriele Locci
Sarà Meloni
Nicola Monni
Samantha Picci
Chiara Pupillo
Stefano Serpi
Antonio Zedda